Know your consumers inside out.

Immerse yourself in the minds of your target audience so you can create emotive and distinctive experiences.


Identify your audience

Easily and quickly understand your existing target and growth customers - what they think, how they behave and why they buy.


Develop data driven personas

Build data-informed buyer personas, so you can tailor your products and services to perfectly suit their needs.


Create compelling communications

Identify where, when and how your audience wants to be engaged, so you can cut through the noise and create marketing messages with impact.

Carolyn d’Aguilar Headshot
[Glow's] ability to deliver fresh insights at pace has been instrumental in helping enrich our understanding of specific local audiences for clients and to win new business pitches...
Paul Wilson
Chief Strategy Officer
Carolyn d’Aguilar Headshot
Glow impressed me with the speed in which they captured data from two diverse audience groups. The access to the data in real time through the Glow portal was particularly helpful as we brought the data to life, while making the insights quickly available to our Project Team members. The survey has been invaluable in shaping our strategic planning around marketing for a new category.
Carolyn d’Aguilar
Marketing Director


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  • Discuss how Glow can de-risk your decisions and support your growth 
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